Russ Cox

Co Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Russell is a Co-founder and CTO of BitQuest Corp. He was exposed early too Blockchain and Other distributed peer-to-peer technologies in 2011. By 2013 he had  started his first GPU mining operation with a group of early adopters in blockchain technology. Always an avid proponent of blockchain Russell has worked with the community on and off teaching the various skills necessary to Secure, Use or Generate digital assets. Since childhood Russell has disassembled and rebuilt computers, set them up to perform various tasks and generally poked at their limits and non-regular uses’s. Starting with the earliest modems connecting too BBS’s then later the World Wide Web,  Russell learned to navigate the digital world and use the various skills sets needed to stay secure and private in the online environment. After years of working with blockchain and distributed technologies Russell is pleased to find a home at BitQuest Corp where he can pursue and help teach this new and evolving space.

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