Lorne Patterson

Vice President, Business Developement

Lorne Patterson is a vibrant and energetic individual with a passion to make the people he encounters enjoy a few laughs and forget about life issues. He has had a diverse career and is always looking for that next challenge. One of his favorite quote is ” The only thing constant is Change”. As previously stated Lorne has had a diverse career. Spent nine years in the Oil and gas industry in the role of inside sales. In this role he showed a true passion for fulfilling clients requests. His next venture was in the banking sector in which he has spent the last ten years as a financial advisor. This role brought out in him what he believes that everyone should aspire to and that is helping your fellow man . We all have mountains to climb in life, and the climb is always easier with a helping hand. Lorne is a avid sports fan and has a love for the game of basketball. He has played coached and is now a referee . He strongly believes in giving back to the community. Live love and laugh. And when you have accomplished those rinse and repeat.

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