Koleya Karringten

Co-founder and CEO

Koleya Karringten is the co-founder and CEO of BitQuest Corporation and Absolute Combustion International. With over 14 years of entrepreneurial experience merged between companies geared to mechanical and technological advancement.  Koleya has had a fundamental role in the creation, development  and cultivation of  technology companies for over the last decade from every stage of development  all the way from inception through to commercialization. Koleya’s hands on expertise extends past the technological, developing key relationships with major corporations to facilitate the deployment of various technologies she assists in designing.

Working alongside ingenious inventors and technology experts for over 10 years, Koleya’s passion for technology capable of impacting society rapidly grew, her desire to create successful yet ethically and environmental sustainable  became her driving passion in life. Koleya has also proven capable of branding and marketing different technologies to create a strong digital footprint and brand awareness of the technology she deploys.

Koleya was able to benefit from the wisdom of business moguls and international consultants such as Jim (James) Rohn, Perry Belcher, Nido Qubain (La-Z-Boy Furniture USA), Michael Eisner (CEO of Disney), Stedman Graham, and J. Abrahams just to name a few. Koleya is a powerful networker and has been instrumental in creating alliances and business opportunities with numerous organizations such as; GE, Edmonton International Airport, Canadian North Airlines, Alberta Innovates, Government Officials, and Imaginea Energy.

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