Eric Wiggins

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Wiggins is BitQuest Corp’s Chief Financial Officer and is responsible for all aspects of the company’s financial operations and processes including financial accounting and reporting, business planning & forecasting, management reporting and capital management functions. Mr. Wiggins is also an active participant in the development and implementation of the company’s business strategy.

Most of his career has been spent in the Telecommunications industry where he gained a diverse skill set. He has been involved in roles covering the day to day aspects of accounting and leadership roles managing areas including Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning as well as Internal Reporting/ Analytics.

His initial interest in cryptocurrency began in 2014 where he first started mining and trading coin and grew an understanding of the future potential they could have on shaping the global financial economy.

Mr. Wiggins received his Bachelor of Commerce from the Haskayne School of Business and is a Chartered Public Accountant. 

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