Alanthea Clarkson

Business Developement

Alanthea is a creative investor specializing in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and
cryptocurrency. She began her early career as a professional chef, and has since
expanded her field of knowledge outside of the culinary arts. Her thirst for knowledge
led her to develop a passion for crypto technology which has translated to a career
working as software development startup specialist.

Her years of experience as a chef working in many restaurants in their startup faze has
given her a unique ability to build strong teams in the stressful environment of a
burgeoning business. With many connections to the local community, She has the
ability to both conceive obstacles and execute unique solutions calculating areas of
potential risk before it becomes a barrier.

With an education in online marketing through “Click and Grow Rich”, sales through
“Techademics” and strategic investing through “Elite Legacy”, Alanthea has learned to
source and develop opportunities for herself and those around her.

Alanthea has dedicated herself to her new career and learning all she can in the
Blockchain space, with a focus to pass on everything she has learned through
Educational programs and helping Startups in the Blockchain Space here in Calgary.
With her unique ability to distill down the complex aspects of emerging technologies and
explain them in clear and concise terms Alanthea Aims to elevate and grow the interest
and understanding of Blockchain in Calgary.

She is currently working with BitQuest Education, Flatstone Capital, and YYChain.
Within these Organizations she will be, organizing local Events, creating curriculum ,
teaching classes, Business Development, and Marketing.

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